Scope:  The Multi Circuit Clean Up projects address the relocation of conductor and other equipment records associated with multiple distribution circuits to the Functional Location with the corresponding circuit designation.



  • Utilizing SAP, SmartMap (SmartWeb), Primary Maps (PDF), Detail Sheets and Subway Maps, distribution circuits identified in the customer generated worksheets are analyzed, processed and tracked.

  • Determine whether conductors are part of a distribution or a transmission system.



  • Equipment records are located under the FLOC with the corresponding circuit number.

  • Equipment records are moved to or from FLOCs or phantom FLOCs for the related pole or structure.

  • Information is forwarded to mapping for updates as needed.


                                        STREET LIGHTING CLEAN UP PROJECTS




Scope:   Several municipalities have purchased street lighting infrastructure equipment, including poles exclusively used for lighting, from the utility companies.  The Street Lighting Clean Up projects inactivate street lighting equipment records related to assets sold, removing them from the utilities’ asset base.



  • Using SmartMap and Google or Bing Maps as resources, determine whether a pole has equipment other than street lighting attached.

  • Compare SAP structure list to visual references to determine what equipment should remain active as utility owned on each pole.

  • Deactivate equipment records and Functional Locations as required.



  • Over 6000 poles and structures reviewed to determine ownership and accuracy of attachments.

  • Asset management records accurately reflect active equipment still under the ownership of the utility, with all other records inactivated.

  • Alternate label FLOCs are created for street lighting only equipment and records moved accordingly.





Scope:  Follow overhead electric circuits from station to station to distinguish rural and off road access                                to enhance efficiency of infrared surveys.


Objective:  Determine mileage of rural and off road cable by circuit.



  • Calculated thousands of miles of cable based on client criteria for several hundred circuits. 

  • Developed patrol maps for subcontractor including mileage notation and identification of protective devices.

  • Upon request, research and provide customer counts for Level I defects found during Line Inspections in real time. 

  • Work closely with subcontractor to provide maps per desired locations and schedule. 

  • Provide monthly quality control checks of subcontractor invoices for client.

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