• Verified thousands of utility lines by analyzing and comparing paper based manhole detail sheets, field captured digital images and SAP databases.

  • Created accurate, multilayer AutoCAD manhole drawings.

  • Validated current and alternative client routing paths for new utilities.


                                                          ROUTING ANALYSIS

ICS was tasked with researching alternative underground routes using existing structures in order to minimize new construction costs. Routing analysis was provided as part of the ongoing operation and maintenance of underground pilot/circuit networks.


Process:  Research and analyze potential routes utilizing:

  • Client’s historical detail drawings.

  • Maps (Underground Raster and GIS/SmartMap).
  • Asset management records (SAP).


In addition to the proposed routes, possible barriers to the selected routing were identified and potential solutions offered.  The areas of concern included:

  • Need for new construction due to lack of available conduits.
  • Conduit condition due to age and material.
  • Size of conduit vs. size of cable.
  • Proximity to existing pilot cables.



ICS provided detailed electronic and hardcopies of proposed route(s) from station to station through existing structures, using empty conduits and the most direct route available.  The deliverable package included detailed areas of concern with solutions to mitigate the issues identified.  ICS worked with the client after the initial proposed routes were field checked to update routing package as required.

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