Our Management Team

Felix Melendez



Felix Melendez is a co-founder and current President of Innovative Contracting Services.  Felix, along with partner Ramon Colon, started ICS in 2011.  Felix has over 15 years of Electric and Gas Utility experience with extensive knowledge in SAP/Master Data, AutoCAD and GTX.  Felix is a goal-oriented leader with a diverse background and proven ability as a Project Manager.


Felix manages the company’s overall strategic direction, leading the company on contract bids and negotiations.  Felix actively pursues new leads into state of the art technologies in order to insure diversification and expansion into new markets beyond the utility industry.




Spencer A. Goings

Manager, Business Operations


Spencer began his career at ICS when it was founded in 2011 as a supervisor.  He played a large role in the first steps of ICS as a new company, leading his team on several contracts with his vast knowledge in AutoCAD, GIS and SAP systems.  Spencer quickly became a key player in ICS’ daily operations and takes great pride in being part of a team that is constantly pushing itself to new levels.


Spencer continues to be a vital leader for ICS daily operations.  In addition to Business Operations, he has HR Administration responsibilities, technical support functions and leads the Business Development team.

Spencer is seen as a motivating leader, going out of his way to take a personal interest in each employee.



Please check out Spencer's LinkedIn page to learn more about his background/experiences.

Craig Coon

Manager, Projects


Craig leads several project teams simultaneously, providing employees with superior leadership and direction through every phase of the process.  He came to ICS with extensive experience gained through a diverse career in the utility industry.  A strong foundation in Customer Service, Call Center, Field Investigation, Revenue Collections and Supervision, combined with a strong work ethic, leads to Craig’s effectiveness. He ensures tight document controls and manages all of his projects exceptionally well using best business practices; always providing a positive customer service experience for all.


While working to exceed company goals and completing projects on time or ahead of schedule and within budget, Craig also fosters close working relationships with all ICS employees to extract their full potential.




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