About ICS

Innovative Contracting Services can support your business by allowing you to easily and simply outsource your project or business operation, resulting in lower overall cost for your company. Whether you need help with converting to a new mapping system, eliminating backlogs and keeping your records up to date, converting your paper records to electronic files, or any other document management problem, ICS can get the job done.

Core Values



  • Quality and accuracy:  We get it! We know that your maps and records are critical to your operations, so we deliver the utmost quality and accuracy to maintain the integrity of your system.


  • Competitive pricing:  The quality and efficiency on which we pride ourselves means that we will bring value to your company at a competitive price.


  • Confidentiality:  We respect the confidential and critical nature of the documents and records with which you entrust us, and we will assure their security with our document management controls.


  • Safety focus:  We know that the accuracy of your maps and records has a direct impact on the safety of your employees and your customers, so we incorporate our strong safety focus into all of our work.


  • Experienced team:  The ICS team consists of well-trained, committed and motivated professionals. They have extensive backgrounds in the utility industry and associated technologies (ex. ArcGIS, ArcFM, AutoCAD and SAP). Our team members will collaborate to solve problems and find innovative ways to enhance your end product.


  • Commitment:  We are passionate about our “Do it right!” philosophy, and you will reap the benefit of our commitment to excellence by receiving quality products and services.


  • Customer Focus:  We will take the time to listen to you, make sure that we understand your specific concerns and goals, and work with you to develop a personalized plan to meet your needs.

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