Utility Industry

The foundation of Innovative Contracting Services was forged in the utility industry. We fervently believe that there is no greater proving ground for business of any sort than the experiences found in the utility industry. Utilities comprise the infrastructure upon which every other type of business -- be they e-commerce or brick & mortar -- is built.

From conversion of raw data to usable assets for clients, data transfer and documentation procedures, engineering and transportation approaches, lighting and power issues, safety and health standards, private and public regulations & funding, ICS has built an extensive library of knowledge that began in the utility industry. We now are poised to serve you in the endless business fields that have utility parallels or connections, which, simply put, is all of them.

ICS brings each and every client we serve efficiency from our expertise, exceptional return on investment, and solutions that create possibilities beyond what you may currently imagine. Each of these deliverables is gleaned from our work in the utility industry. The stakes are high working in utilities; there is no margin for error. Livelihoods, businesses, and life itself can depend on performance. You deliver or you are replaced. That is where ICS’s origins lie. Because of this history, we have been infused with great confidence in our ability to help clients in whatever way they may need assistance. How can ICS help you?

“Process is a core competency for ICS. I've seen them take on completely new services, just a customer saying, ‘I have a need to do X.’ And ICS sits down, understands the requirements, develops a process, trains their people and then executes against it.

They develop quality metrics to measure its efficiency, and then they document the whole process. Then they tell the client, ‘Hey, guess what? You can use the same material to train people within your organization for future needs.’ They literally create the process to meet the requirements of a customer.”

John Bryant - CEO - On The Mark Utility Locating Services

ICS Client and Collaborator

Utility Industry Showcase

Engineering Work Order Support

Supplied all current assets of project.
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GAS Facilities Enhancement Project A

ICS updated existing Gas Asset (Mains, Services and Valves) data in client’s asset management system (SAP), linking the SAP Functional Location (FLOC) and Equipment ID ...
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Transmission and Distribution

Converted Electric As-Builts for transmission and distribution projects into SmartMap from SAP work order transactions.
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Multi Circuit Clean Up Projects

The Multi Circuit Clean Up projects addressed the relocation of conductor and other equipment records associated with multiple distribution circuits to the Functional Location with ...
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Infrared/Thermography Project Support

Followed overhead electric circuits from station to station to distinguish rural and off road access to enhance efficiency of infrared surveys.
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Manhole Survey/Utility Route & Verification

Verified thousands of utility lines by analyzing and comparing paper-based manhole detail sheets, field captured digital images, and SAP databases.
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