Project Portfolio

Routing Analysis

When alternative routes were necessary to minimize construction costs, ICS provided essential research and mapping.

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SAP Data Conversion & Data Cleansing Project

After a comprehensive internal system migration, ICS rectified inaccurate data and restored missing information.

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GIS Gas Conversion Project

After transferring an entire database of GTX Gas Mapping info into an ArcFM GIS system, ICS produced a single operational mapping system.

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Assorted Administrative Projects

ICS fills administrative needs in all capacities, from document management to technical field work support, as demonstrated by this diverse collection of project overviews.

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Street Lighting Clean Up Projects

ICS aligned records in municipalities’ utility asset bases after street lighting equipment was added and deleted from existing infrastructure supply inventories.

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Due to the confidential and sensitive nature of our consulting services, ICS maintains a policy of not publicly listing specific consulting projects.

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