Assorted Administrative Projects

ICS fills administrative needs in all capacities, from document management to technical field work support, as demonstrated by this diverse collection of project overviews.

Administrative duties can be a heavy drain on internal resources. But neglect them at your own peril. There may not be a single other function that can wreak havoc on a company’s work flow than administrative tasks that aren’t completed in an orderly and timely fashion. That is where Innovative Contracting Services steps in, providing the skilled support your company needs. ICS has significant experience handling administrative duties across a wide range of industries, many of which contain a technical component that may not be handled well by service providers without this acumen. 

Project Details

On-site and remote administrative support & document control

  • Date stamped & scanned project Work Orders and field notes upon receipt. 
  • Uploaded electronic copies to corresponding customer files. 
  • Assigned unique report number to hard copy documents and log for accurate tracking. 
  • Filed for Master Data access and completion. 
  • Located hard copy records (maps, reports, field notes, drawings) in files for Master Data reference.
  • Filed hard copy documents as research and/or Master Data were completed. 
  • Processed historic Work Orders and field notes, creating electronic files, uploading to corresponding customer files; stored hard copies for future archiving.

Electric master data support

  • Provided daily support for maintenance of client’s SAP asset management system. 
  • Created and preserved equipment records from field As-Builts (paper drawings) for distribution and transmission lines.
  • Converted field construction drawings into AutoCAD for underground projects.

GAS master data support

  • Provided daily support for upkeep of client’s SAP asset management system. 
  • Created and maintained equipment records from field As-Builts for gas services and mains.

Planning maps

  • Researched and organized underground gas and electric facilities Planning Maps from customer resources to fulfill requests from the NYS-DigSafe program. 
  • Provided electronic file to requestors.

Field distribution line inspections

  • Maintained and validated SmartMap and SAP records based on Field Distribution Line Inspections. 
  • Researched data provided from the field, identifying discrepancies, amending SAP and sending to appropriate department for map corrections.

Connection objects

  • Based on the monthly Connection Object report received from the customer, aligned individual electric meters with appropriate transformers to support billing accuracy and reliability.