Street Lighting Clean Up Projects

ICS aligned records in municipalities' utility asset bases after street lighting equipment was added and deleted from existing infrastructure supply inventories.

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Project Details 


ICS contracted with several municipalities that had purchased street lighting infrastructure equipment, including poles exclusively used for lighting, from the utility companies. Delegated to accurately assess and update the utilities’ asset bases, ICS painstakingly managed the equipment records to inactivate street lighting equipment related to assets sold.


  • Utilizing SmartMap and Google or Bing Maps as resources, determined a pole’s equipment profile beyond street lighting attached.
  • Cross-referenced SAP structure list to visual references to determine what equipment should remain active as utility owned on each pole.
  • Deactivated equipment records and Functional Locations as required.


  • Over 6,000 poles and structures reviewed to determine ownership and accuracy of attachments.
  • Ascertained asset management records accurately reflected active equipment still under the ownership of the utility, with all other records inactivated.
  • Alternate label FLOCs were created for street lighting only equipment and records moved accordingly.