SAP Data Conversion & Data Cleansing Project

After a comprehensive internal system migration, ICS rectified inaccurate data and restored missing information.

Data conversion and clean up is deceptively complex. At face value, converting paper files to e-files, updating e-files with new software, or disposing of old files seems straightforward. But a major document conversion and clean-up encompasses a much larger scope that involves protecting valuable legacy material, categorizing important data for cross-referencing purposes, searching for ways to process documents more efficiently in the future. ICS will help you to dispense of ineffective practices that often survive under the toxic reasoning of ‘that’s the way it’s always been done.’ 

Project Details

After undergoing a system migration, inaccurate and incomplete data was injected into a client’s system. ICS provided solutions that otherwise may have resulted in a debilitating system failure.  Additionally, ICS manually validated and converted historical hard copy records for data that was not transferred during migration or hadn’t existed in the previous system, thus alleviating further post-migration issues.

  • Phase 1:  Converted 28,000+ Manhole/Handhole detail sheets from electronic and paper files into the SAP database. Preliminary steps involved analyzing and data scrubbing existing Functional locations (FLOCS) and equipment records. New records were then created for underground structures, devices, and conductors.
  • Phase 2:  Building on records developed in Phase 1, converted 20,000 conduit detail sheets from both electronic and paper files into SAP database. Conduit/duct equipment records were linked to their corresponding FLOCS created in phase 1. 
  • Phase 3:  14,000 Isolated Sheets (Maps) of Underground Residential Developments and Overhead Poles with isolated conductors were converted from paper maps into the SAP database. FLOCS and equipment records were created for underground and overhead structures, devices, conductors and conduits/ducts.