Services We Provide


Innovative Contracting Services offers a range of customized, cost effective support services every size business.

For Small Businesses


We can provide the resources needed to quickly scale your business. If growth or seasonal demand is causing you to become overwhelmed, we will work with you to manage back office processes.

For Large Businesses


Our resources can be deployed to implement cost effective processes and practices.  Internal overhead and fixed cost reductions can be realized with support in managing, tracking and completing projects.

Front End Engineering Design (FEED) Support


Front end project and process development are critical for successful completion.  The early investment is minor compared to the cost of changes when required at later stages.


ICS can provide:

  • The technical foundation for your project planning

  • Evaluation of the viability of a route or process

  • Potential alternatives

  • Ongoing update as the project progresses

Data & Database Management

Many companies have made the investment and moved from paper to digital documents. These documents and/or the information contained within them now reside in large databases and these databases must be remediated, updated and maintained. This requires:


  • Data/document triage & analysis

  • Data entry

  • Database/system management


All of these functions typically require significant manpower. ICS can provide the processes and support services for this labor-intensive work.

Document Conversion & Clean-up


Events such as mergers, acquisitions, system conversions and upgrades, new initiatives or simply the continuous need for updating documents, present maintenance challenges. 


ICS provides quality solutions to help document heavy organizations:


  • Assessment of document issues

  • Document scanning

  • Extraction of key data

  • Conversion of paper documents into electronic files and databases

Administrative Support


Managing, distributing and storing files are necessary components of many work processes.  These tasks take time away from others that require more specific expertise.


ICS can provide thorough and practical support, either on-site or remotely for:


  • Scanning - including use of large format copiers and scanners

  • Electronic and/or paper filing of single and multi-format reports

  • Organizational file set up

  • Receipt, logging and distribution of incoming reports and files

  • Preparation of documents for archival storage

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